Allergy-Free Valentine’s Day!

Posted 2.12.09 | Christine Graham-Garo

Happy early Valentine’s Day to all the allergy parents out there. As we’ve discussed before holiday that revolves around food can be tough for children with food allergies. However, you can show your allergy prone little one just how much you love them even without the chocolate hearts and other edible treats.

Here are a few suggestions to have a fun and relaxing Valentine’s Day:
- Create homemade valentines out of paper. Children love arts and crafts. Use this special day as an excuse to create fun notes for classmates, friends and family members.

- Take a family outing to the park or museum. It’s a great way to celebrate the day without focusing on food.

- Cook your own allergy-free treats for your little one. Visit Recipe Zaar for some ideas. This Web site has hundreds of allergy friendly recipes and you can search by typing what food you would like to avoid.

For 10 other ways to have a food allergy safe Valentine’s Day, click here.

How are you having an allergy-free Valentine’s weekend?

- Christine

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