21 Allergy-Friendly Recipes and Activities to do this Valentine’s Day

Posted 2.11.16 | Nutrition Specialist

Valentine’s Day is just 3 days away, do you have your game plan ready? We’ve got you covered with allergy-friendly Valentine’s Day recipes, treats and activities to make sure it’s a Valentine’s Day your special one won’t forget!


Candy hearts aren’t the only tasty treat to pass out these days. Here is our list of our best non-candy Valentine’s Day snacks:

Neocate Chocolate-Raisin Taffy Treats

A fun treat option that offers unique texture and mimics a piece of coastal summer nostalgia for family members with allergies. 

Chocolate Peppermint Smoothie

A festive smoothie combining the delicious wintery flavors of peppermint and chocolate in a yummy smoothie form that all family members can enjoy. 

Neocate Chocolate Nutra Pudding

Who doesn’t love pudding for dessert? Now even those in your family with food allergies can enjoy this delicious chocolate pudding recipe! 

Neocate Junior Brownie Bites Recipe

A delicious brownie that will keep your little ones coming back for more. 

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Slushy

The delicious taste of chocolate-covered strawberries in a slushy form is sure to be a winner for your special someone. 

Strawberry and Apple Nutra Popsicles

The delicious summer treat that you can make all year round!

Neocate “Strawberries & Crème” and “Chocolate Covered Strawberries”

Two delicious strawberry-themed treats! One with a hint of vanilla, the other with chocolate, ratios tested to perfection.


While these recipes are delicious, it’s also fun to do Valentine’s Day crafts to show your appreciation for someone. A recent Popsugar article shares 48 non-candy Valentine ideas for kids. Friendship bracelets, Valentine joke notes and bookmark Valentines are some of our favorites from this awesome list!


Is your little one’s class having a Valentine’s celebration? Brought to you by Kids With Food Allergies, here are some alternate goodies and activities to keep you kids in the holiday spirit!

  • Exchange Valentine-themed pencils, stickers, pencil sharpeners, and other trinkets. (Look in dollar stores, local pharmacies and big box stores.)
  • Allow children to design and create handmade Valentines for classmates, teachers and family using construction paper, paper doilies, glitter, glue, stickers, lace and other craft materials.
  • Make paper flowers from tissue paper and pipe cleaners.
  • Cut out paper hearts and attach to string to make garland for the classroom.
  • Allow children to decorate a mailbox or paper bag to use to collect their Valentines.
  • Have the class work together to decorate a bulletin board or the room door for Valentine’s Day.
  • Create origami hearts.
  • Make small heart stamps out of erasers.
  • Make friendship bracelets for classmates to share.
  • Make little critters from pom-poms, felt, pipe cleaner and googly-eyes.
  • Create thumbprint or hand print Valentines.

For more fun activities, be sure to check out our Neocate Pinterest page. We have an entire board dedicated to Valentine’s Day fun, including heart wreaths, Valentine’s Day card ideas, Valentine’s games for kids and more!

Whatever you and your LO decide to do for Valentine’s Day this year, be sure to upload pictures to our Facebook page. We would love to see how you spent your special day with the ones you love!

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