“100% Milk-Free Environment”

Posted 7.1.08 | Sarah O'Brien

These words are music to allergy parent’s ears…

However, did you know that some formulas made for babies with milk allergies are NOT produced in an entirely milk-free environment? Many allergy moms and dads don’t realize this.

We surveyed parents of kids with food allergies recently and were surprised at the results:

57% of parents thought their child’s formula was manufactured in a 100% milk-free environment, but when we asked about the specific products, only 38% of them were actually manufactured 100% dairy-free.

At the same time, 99% of the parents surveyed said they were concerned about the risk of their children consuming a food allergen. No surprised there!

Vigilant allergy parents have a lot to look out for – from the fine print on food labels to how/where everything you put into your child’s mouth is manufactured. It is definitely tiresome, but definitely worth it.

Since food allergies cause roughly 30,000 emergency room visits a year, this is something to take note of! As an allergy parent, remember that advertising can be tricky. As of right now, Neocate Infant, Necoate Jr. and EO28 Splash are the only amino-acid based products that are manufactured in a 100% milk-free environment.

Overall, make sure you double check your choice of formula for your child with your pediatrician. You can never be too careful with food allergies!

- Sarah

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