Wilson’s Story

Patient History

At only two weeks old, Karey and William’s son Wilson started experiencing painful reactions after eating. He suffered from uncontrollable projectile vomiting and continuous back pain. In fact, his stomach hurt so much that Karey and William could not lay him on his back because when they did, the pain would cause him to arch his back as he screamed in pain or choked on his own vomit. Wilson was miserable, extremely fussy and constantly crying. Karey and William also found blood and mucous in his stool. “Our whole family suffered because it seemed like there was nothing we could do to stop the pain and crying,” says Karey.

Nutritional Management and Outcome

Wilson’s older brother was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy when he was young, so it didn’t take long for them to realize that Wilson might also be suffering from this allergy. Karey, who was breastfeeding Wilson, removed all dairy from her diet and supplemented her breast milk with several formulas designed for infants with protein allergies. However, Wilson was still in a lot of pain. Fortunately, Karey and William heard about Neocate, a nutritionally complete hypoallergenic formula, from a family friend. “We tried it and it was great,” says Karey. On Neocate, Wilson was able to eat without experiencing any pain. Karey continued to breastfeed, following a strict elimination diet, and supplemented Wilson’s diet with Neocate to ensure he received enough nutrition. Finally, he was able to complete a meal that would not make him sick.


Wilson suffered from severe back pain and vomiting because of a milk protein allergy. After unsuccessfully trying other formulas, Wilson tried Neocate. Neocate allowed Wilson to be able to have a full meal without screaming in agony. “It was a true gift to see him start feeling better and become a happier child.”