Food Allergy Resources: An Online Guide for Parents

Posted 8.12.10 | Mallory West

 When your child is diagnosed with a food allergy, it can be really overwhelming.There are a ton of resources online, but which ones do you trust? Our team of nutritionists have put together this Online Food Allergy Recource Guide to help you out. Know of any helpful resources not listed? Let us know!

Food Allergy Resource & Support Websites:

These sites are great resources from recipes to checklists & support group listings, they offer a lot to any parent of a child with food allergies.

Parent Guides &Tools for Kids with Food Allergies:

These tools and food allergy guides are a great resources for parents to bookmark & share with other members of the family.

Food Allergy Recipes & Cookbooks:

These cook books and food allergy friendly recipes on these sites are wonderful helpers when you are running out of ideas for snack or dinner ideas for your kids who are diagnosed with any number of food allergies.

Food Allergy Books:

Understanding what it means when your little one has a food allergy can be challenging not just for the kids, but even for adults. These books can be a great help in understanding the challenges brought into your child’s life.

Food Allergy Magazines:

Since they keep up with the latest information on progress with food allergies, these magazines can be come a great resources for timely information.

Food Allergy Apps:

Want to have food allergy information at your fingertips? Try out these smart phone friends phone applications.

Don’t forget to comment with any food allergy resources you may have. We do our best to provide you with useful information but you food allergy moms and dads really are each other’s best resource! We love your feedback.


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